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Alt 8 is removed from consideration

Recessed Alternative (Alternative 8)
Removed from Consideration

The Nevada Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) Downtown Access Project (DAP) is evaluating long-term solutions for I-515/U.S. 95, between Rancho Drive and Mojave Road, to address the aging infrastructure, safety, and congestion to increase efficiency of the movement of people, goods, and services while revitalizing and reconnecting the community.

During the August 2023 DAP public meeting, NDOT introduced four alternative designs to the public. Three of these designs maintain the freeway’s current elevation, but with significant portions supported by dirt/embankment rather than a continuous bridge. The fourth design involves a recessed freeway below ground level.

Following the conclusion of the public meeting, NDOT, in collaboration with our partners at the Federal Highway Administration, engaged in discussions to assess the feasibility and potential impacts of the recessed alternative, known as Alternative 8.

NDOT is removing Alternative 8 from further consideration for the Downtown Access Project. This decision is centered around the disproportionately large impact the recessed alternative would have on the surrounding community, as well as the high costs, in comparison to the other alternatives.

Specifically, Alternative 8 would have:

  • Displaced up to 321 more households;
  • Cost $1.4 to $2.7 billion more to construct;
  • Taken 1-2 years longer to build;
  • Increased the complexity of construction; and
  • Resulted in added maintenance costs upon completion.

In order to mitigate community impact and maximize the benefit to taxpayers, this alternative will not be considered as a feasible alternative during the remainder of the environmental process.

NDOT is continuing the environmental work and is planning to have a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) prepared for public review and comment at a forthcoming public hearing.


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