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Design Alternatives: Alternative 8

Map of Alternative 8

This cross section shows the mainline (primary travel lanes) and the collector-distributor (CD) road in a trench with the ramps coming up to ground level to meet the surface streets.

Recessed typical section

This video shows a fly through animation of Alternative 8. Between Eastern Avenue and the Spaghetti Bowl, the freeway is below ground level and the surface streets cross over the freeway.

The recessed alternative creates an opportunity to cap the freeway and create space above the freeway for public use. The exact use of the public space will be determined in collaboration between the City of Las Vegas and the community.

This exhibit shows 29 acres of potential area to cap. NDOT will build approximately five acres as part of this project. The five acres will be located near Maryland Parkway, so the community being impacted can benefit from the open space. The other 24 acres is suitable for capping but would have to be paid for by others.

The approximate cost to cap and create the open space is approximately $78.5 million per acre, which means the cost to cap the remaining 24 acres  would be an additional $1.88 billion on top of the cost to build Alternative 8.

Alt 8 Potential Cap Area

All information presented is preliminary and subject to change. Design plans are only at 10%.