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What are mitigations?

Mitigations are actions intended to offset the impact of the project.

NDOT is proposing nearly 40 mitigations to offset the impact of this project within the community. The proposed mitigations have been developed in collaboration with the people living in the adjacent community. These mitigations are preliminary and will be progressed to final mitigations throughout the remainder of the NEPA process. They will be detailed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (tentatively scheduled for May 2024). Click here to learn more!

The following four major mitigations are proposed to directly benefit the community, regardless of which alternative is selected.

$10 million

Resources for the Unhoused Community

$10 million

Indoor Recreation Area

$15 million

Replacement Housing at a One-to-One Impact Ratio

$20 million

Complete Streets (Examples: bike lanes, sidewalks, trees, streetlights)

All information presented is preliminary and subject to change. Design plans are only at 10%.