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Project Overview: Purpose, Need, and Goals


The purpose of the project is to address the aging infrastructure, safety, and congestion to increase the efficiency of the movement of people, goods, and services on the freeway as well as revitalize and reconnect the community.


Improvements are necessary to address the following needs: (1) aging bridges (2) closely spaced ramps that create short merge and weave distance, and (3) unacceptable congestion caused by increased traffic volumes on a freeway structure that has never been widened in a city that has grown 1,000% since 1968.


In addition to the needs, several goals were identified that further aid the development and evaluation of alternatives. They reflect topics important to the public, stakeholders, and agencies.

Restore Community

Improve Neighborhood Multimodal Mobility
Reconnect Neighborhoods
Enhance Public Health and Wellness

Advance Sustainability

Improve Human and Natural Environment
Improve Infrastructure Resiliency
Support Economic Growth

All information presented is preliminary and subject to change. Design plans are only at 10%.