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Project Overview: Introduction

US 95 through the heart of Las Vegas has several challenges that are easily identifiable to the traveling public – closely spaced ramps, too many crashes, and a freeway built on bridges that are getting older, creating a bumpy “roller coaster” ride. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) started the Downtown Access Project (DAP) to address these issues. NDOT has developed three proposed build alternatives that remedy the aging infrastructure, provide appropriate ramp spacing, and allow for safe operations.

This is NDOT’s third formal public outreach effort for DAP. A virtual public meeting was held in September 2020 and a street closures campaign in April 2021. In addition, NDOT has held more than 80 meetings with individual stakeholders, businesses and interested parties. From these interactions, NDOT has modified the design to provide a project that is more compatible with the adjacent neighborhoods and community.

The purpose of this public information meeting is to share the updated designs, new project information, and a comparison of the build alternatives. In addition, NDOT is seeking public input on potential community enhancements within the project footprint. NDOT is appreciative of the public engagement to date that has helped guide important decisions on this project. Click on the comment button at the bottom of any page to share your feedback!

Map showing project area.

Map of project limits