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What’s New: Street Closures

The design alternatives do not include a 1.6-mile bridge, which makes it more challenging to keep all the north/south streets open that cross under the freeway.

As such, NDOT was originally proposing to close 8 or 9 streets that currently cross under the freeway. Scroll down for an update!

Map of potential street closures.

Photo of temporary road closure

To gather community feedback, NDOT temporarily closed most of these streets in March/April 2021.

Nearly 450 comments were received from residents and businesses in the area as well as frequent users of these streets.

Many people don’t want to see their streets closed, but there was a general understanding that the freeway needs to be improved.

Public outreach mailer showing proposed street closures.

Updated map of proposed street closures based on public feedback.

NDOT heard the community!

As a result of the feedback received, NDOT is now planning to close 3 streets in the north and south alternatives and 4 streets in the recessed alternative.