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Project Overview: Project Elements

Three design alternatives have been developed to address the challenges along this corridor. All three include the following improvements.

Fix Ramp Spacing (Southbound):

Today, traffic from I-15 NB and I-15 SB comes onto the freeway in an auxiliary lane that exits to Casino Center Blvd within 0.25 miles. Merging and weaving within this short distance creates a bottleneck for the southbound freeway traffic.

The proposed collector-distributor (CD) road moves the I-15 traffic merge point further east while maintaining access to Casino Center Blvd and Las Vegas Blvd both from the freeway and I-15 CD road.

This video shows how the I-15 NB and SB traffic merges onto the CD road, with the opportunity to exit at Casino Center Blvd and Las Vegas Blvd, then continues on to merge with US 95 SB traffic.

Fix Ramp Spacing (Northbound):

There is only 500-feet of distance between the Casino Center Blvd on-ramp to US 95 and the I-15 SB off ramp. This short distance to merge creates a bottleneck.

The CD road will move the decision point to access I-15 SB from US 95 NB east of Las Vegas Blvd. This will eliminate the existing conflict and bottleneck.

This video illustrates the new decision point east of Las Vegas Blvd for US 95 NB traffic to access I-15 SB. Traffic from Las Vegas Blvd and Casino Center Blvd can still access both I-15 SB and US 95 NB.

Increase Capacity:

Today, this stretch of freeway has three general purpose lanes and an auxiliary lane in each direction.

An auxiliary lane is an extra lane that exists between two interchanges.

In the proposed design, the freeway is expanded to four general purpose lanes, an HOV lane, and an auxiliary lane in each direction.

Note: Between Casino Center Blvd and 9th St, the proposed design includes three general purpose lanes instead of four, due to ramp traffic being removed from mainline and placed on the CD road.

New HOV Interchanges:

Currently, there are three interchanges in this area.

In the proposed design, two new HOV interchanges are added – one at City Parkway and one at Maryland Parkway.

Improved Bicycle/Pedestrian Mobility:

A new multi-use trail will run along both sides of the freeway from Las Vegas Blvd to Eastern Ave, as shown in dark brown in this exhibit.

New Landscape and Aesthetics:

The corridor will be enhanced with new landscape and aesthetics. In the future, NDOT will engage the community in deciding the look and feel of these elements.