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Project Overview: Purpose & Need

Deteriorating Bridges:

The freeway in this area is built on two long bridges, which are both getting old.

Regular, costly repairs and the extended years they’ve been in service requires NDOT to find a solution.

Old bridges are costly to maintain. Older structures. Significant deck cracking. Roller Coaster ride.

Poor Operations:

Crash rates in this corridor are nearly 20% higher than the statewide average.

2040 Projected Operations: many segments will operate at less than 10 mph if nothing is done.

Illustration of heavy traffic. 2019 Average Daily Traffic: 175,000 / 2040 Average Daily Traffic: 220,000

Closely Spaced Ramps:

Ramps through downtown are spaced very close together, creating slowing conditions that back up traffic for several miles in each direction.

Map showing closely spaced ramps causing traffic slowing.